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Discover the captivating history of Ostend at the Ostend City Museum, where a treasure trove of objects, posters, documents, and multimedia applications takes you on a journey through time. This museum brings to life the evolution of the city, from its early days to the modern tourist hub it is today.

What to expect at the d'Ostend City Museum?

Explore the fascinating history of Ostend

The Ostend City Museum is not just a place of history; it's a vibrant meeting point where the past and present of Ostend come together.

Furthermore City Museum Ostend is near the following sights: Kursaal Oostende (±500 m), Museum Ship Amandine (±600 m), Three-master Mercator (±750 m), Mu.Zee (±950 m) & Japanese Garden Shin Kai Tei (±1,1 km).

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Langestraat 69, Oostende
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